Get ready to party with Microsoft! Starting February 15 2012, prepare to have the high top fade knocked right off your head when House Party is unleashed. Four weeks, four titles, and an 800 Microsoft Point bonus is up for grabs for anyone who decides to purchase all four House Party titles.

EA’s ‘Warp‘ – February 15, 800 Microsoft Points.

Play as Zero using his arsenal of alien abilities in this puzzle-based stealth action game. Settle the score with your captors and escape their underwater facility.

Microsoft Studios‘ ‘Alan Wake American Nightmare’ – February 22, 1200 Microsoft Points

Battle the herald of darkness and his hoard of creepy cronies in this new stand-alone ‘Alan Wake’ experience. A new storyline and challenging new game mode have a question for you: Can you survive until sunrise?

THQ’s ‘Nexuiz’ -February 29, 800 Microsoft Points

Gladiatorial combat for interstellar entertainment. The fragile truce between the Kavussari and the Forsellians is maintained by pitting warriors against each other in the arena rather than on the battlefield. Alter the laws of physics in an ever changing hostile environment in this arena style FSP.

Ubisoft’s ‘I am Alive‘ – March 7, 1200 Microsoft Points

Scour a desolated city searching for your lost wife and daughter while faced with a decaying and hazardous world. One year after a world wide cataclysm discover a changed human condition, face down armed gangs and discover victims in need.

WARP preview –