The Sims 4 is out now for PC and can be purchased in both physical form and as a digital download.  At a glance The Sims 4 could have easily been called ‘The Slims 4’ as many of the features that fans loved over time have been mysterious taken out of the game.  While playing the game we often scratched our heads and wondered if The Sims 4 was originally meant as a mobile only game or browser based game that eventually turned into a full-blown PC (not Mac) retail game.

Whatever the genesis of The Sims 4 may have been – one thing is clear – the community is large and the fan-base of devoted ‘Simmers’ can be pretty overwhelming and impossible to please everyone.  Thus far we’ve witness about an even amount of things added to the game and omissions that left us wondering. We found a list of Maxis Match Sims 4 Skin Mods on glitchspace.


  • Biggest selling point is the revamped ‘Create A Sim’ feature in which you can spend hours crafting away at different looks, body features, and facial highlights.
  • Multitasking upgrade – watch TV and play a video game on your tablet all at the same time!
  • Being able to carry on multiple conversations at the same time in a group setting – toss one person a flirty comment while you follow up something rude to the next person.
  • New interface is easy to master – building and modifying structures is pretty advanced and juggling between two or more sims is very fluid.
  • Community elements vastly improved and the ability to share your custom made sims is a plus.


  • DRM/Always on – Gamers need to log into an Origin account to start up the game – unsure if there’s a way around playing without an Internet connection.
  • Everything is so small – cities and neighborhoods feel like they could fit in the palm of your hands
  • Strange loading times and nothing to do while your sim is away at work or asleep (but speed up progress).
  • While the ‘Create A Sim’ interface is much improved it is also lacking by not having a color wheel and way to tweak/change colors and style of clothing.

Our time spent with The Sims 4 was a mixed bag – when things were going well the game was extremely fun but you start to wonder if there is ‘more’ to the game like expansion packs and expanding maps/areas planned for release.  We would suggest playing the game with at least two sims and juggling their schedules so that one person works morning and another at night.  Also don’t make the mistake we made by having a sim ‘specialize’ in computers and hacking as he spent his entire time indoors  at the computer – try stuff like gardening to force your sim outside as much as possible!  If ‘Creating A Sim’ is an area where you like to spend time then the new interface will provide hours of enjoyment and if playing with structures and interior design floats your boat then you will be satisfied too!

The Sims 4 Create A Sim E3 Expo Walkthrough