Star Trek celebrated its 55 Anniversary this week and with that, we saw the release of Star Trek The Original 4-Movie Collection on 4K. This Star Trek set includes Star Trek The Motion Picture, Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III The Search For Spock, and Star Trek IV The Voyage Home on remastered on 4K discs and Blu-ray discs which contain legacy bonus features.

It is also worth noting that this collection includes both the original Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan release and the Director’s Cut on the same 4K disc. While some of the visuals and effects will look considerably outdated it is nice to finally have these classic movies remastered in 4K.

A big question is the future of the Star Trek movies – will there be a follow-up collection with Star Trek V, VI, and Generations with a third set featuring the last four Star Trek movies? Paramount must have thought it would be easier to swallow the price-tag in three box sets over one giant one or they needed to test the waters first to gauge interest but then again which Trekkie do you know who isn’t willing to double and triple-dip on the same movies over and over again?