Pure Farming 2018 will be coming in early 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from Techland. Pure Farming 2018 will allow you to use tractors, harvesters and includes licensed brands. As part of the simulation, you will be able to plant grains, potatoes, fruits, vegetables and collect green energy. Pure Farming 2018 will explore 4 different continents across the world.

During our Pure Farming 2018 E3 Expo 2017 presentation we were mostly curious about what sort of thing would go into collecting green energy. Techland developer responded that you can set up solar energy collectors and windmills that would tap into the missions and objectives. Pure Farming 2018 has a variety of modes like Free Farming (Sandbox), Farming Challenges (Missions based on 1 hour of gameplay) and My First Farm (Newcomers Level).