Disney’s Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack is out now in addition to a variety of individual character packs with the first wave mostly surrounding The Avengers characters.  The Playmation Avengers Starter Pack includes Iron Man’s Repulsor Gear, two Power Activators, two ‘smart figures’ Captain America and Iron Skull and a free-to-download AvengersNet app.  Playmation retails for $119.99 and individual figures like The Hulk, Iron Man, Falcon  retail for $14.99.

We’re not sure yet if Disney’s Playmation will be the ‘hot ticket Holiday item’ in 2015 but this set is geared towards a younger group itching to get away from the couch and TV and move around the house shooting a laser beam of light from the Repulsor at the Power Activators.  If you can put up with the weight of having Iron Man’s Repulsor on your wrist then you will marvel at the sounds of Jarvis speaking to you and other movie-like sound effects.  The individual figures themselves look alright from a distance but up close the detail on them is pretty basic.