Untitled Skydance Video Game

Amy Hennig has been a lauded writer in the games industry for a large number of projects, the most recognizable of which will likely be the first three Uncharted games.  The teaser trailer for this new title was scarce on details, but full of easter eggs for comics fans.  We do know that this will be set during World War 2 and will feature a young Captain America teaming up with the Black Panther of the time, Azzuri (T’Challa’s grandfather).  They will be joined by Gabriel Jones of the Howling Commandos and Nanali, a Wakandan Spy.  The developers emphasized that they want the game to be accessible to all types of gamers, while still providing a challenge for veteran players.  I am interpreting that as meaning a number of difficulty options will be available, but we will have to wait and see.

MARVEL World of Heroes

The makers of Pokemon Go, Niantic, have announced they will bring their AR technology to a Marvel focused game.  Due in 2023, MARVEL World of Heroes will feature you playing as yourself and teaming up with Marvel heroes to take on villainous forces in the real world.  The actual mechanics of how this will be accomplished are as yet unannounced.  While Pokemon Go has been one of the most successful apps of all time, Niantic has thus far failed to recapture the magic in their subsequent offerings, including in their collaboration with the Harry Potter franchise.  As a long time Pokemon Go player, I also personally feel that they have lost touch with their player base in recent months, and so I am quite pessimistic on the prospects of this project.  I hope to be proven wrong.