Disney Illusion Island

This new side-scroller from Dlala Studios features the art style of the recent Mickey Mouse shorts that have been popular in recent years and also graces Mickey’s Roadsters ride at Hollywood Studios in Florida.  Although not much is yet known about this newly announced title, the developers cited classic Mickey games like Castle of Illusion as a major influence.  The game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, and has a heavy emphasis on playing in cooperative mode, regardless of if you are playing on the big screen or in hand-held mode.  This one will be one to watch.  Disney Infinity fans should also note that  John Vignocchi is involved in this video game’s production.

TRON: Identity

Described as a visual novel, Tron Identity follows a new adventure in the TRON universe revolving around a murder mystery.  No previous experience with the TRON franchise is required since this takes place in a pocket where the events of the TRON movies are almost mythological in nature.  Bithell Games also created the game Subsurface Circular, which we praised here! I will remain cautiously optimistic while we wait for more details to emerge in the coming months.

Gargoyles Remastered

Disney has had a lot of success in recent years with remastered games from the early years of console gaming.  Gargoyles was one of my favorite franchises growing up, so I am very excited to revisit this game.  Titles like the Disney Afternoon Collection have also been particularly well received, so there’s a lot to be optimistic about here.