NASCAR games have been around for years but some have fared better than others with the diehard NASCAR community. Auto racing is a motorsport involving the racing of automobiles for competition. The tires of racing cars are very important and need special attention. When you’re looking after your tires, do you ever wonder what would be the best tire pressure gauge, one that you can trust click on this link and take a look Let’s take a look at how NASCAR Heat 4 by Monster Games stacks up. Does it take the checkered flag or a black flag?

The graphics in NASCAR Heat 4 have undergone a minor upgrade with additional tweaks on some tracks but overall still look good. One notable update is in the Paint Shop. You can now use numbers 00-99 with no restrictions. NASCAR has removed the requirement keeping you from driving the same number as your favorite driver. NASCAR actually provided a couple of official fonts to use in the Paint Shop.

Career Mode in NASCAR HEAT 4 is one of my favorite options in a sports-themed title and I found that while not drastically changed from last year’s release, I enjoy racing in Career Mode. The most exciting new Career Mode feature for me was the fact that I could start my career in any of the NASCAR series, I was no longer required to start in the dirt series and work my way up through the ranks to the Monster Energy series.

Regardless of the game mode selected, the most important aspect of a NASCAR game should be the racing. AI racers in the game have improved and racing is more realistic. However, the bigger improvement for me is the addition of sliders. These new sliders allow me to customize various aspects including, AI driver difficulty, pack spacing, and tire wear. The vehicles in each series have unique characteristics and are well represented when driving. There is a lot more bumping allowed without the cars flying out of control and causing a wreck. Tire wear has also improved making the speeds more realistic after several laps on a set of tires. The car does become looser as the laps tick by and you need to adjust your driving line, throttle and braking accordingly.

NASCAR 4 Heat Review Final Thoughts:

NASCAR Heat 4 is a lot of fun. It’s not perfect, but it provides a great game experience for those wishing to be NASCAR drivers and those looking for a solid racing game. NASCAR Heat 4 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $49.99.


NASCAR Heat 4 on PC


NASCAR Heat 4 Review Score



  • Improved User Interface.
  • Improved AI drivers.
  • Sliders added for easy customization of game aspects.
  • All numbers available for user-created cars.


  • Multiplayer lobby not very populated.
  • Some frame drop issues on console version.