Monster Truck enthusiasts are passionate fans but their sport has been underserved in the video game arena. Developer Teyon and publisher Nacon are trying to fill this void with their new release Monster Truck Championship.

Upon entering the game you are presented with numerous game options such as Career, Quick Play, and Multiplayer. Quick Play gives you the option to play one of five game modes: Race, Time Trial, Drag Race, Freestyle, or Destruction. Multiplayer lets you create a new multiplayer session or join active sessions. However, I often noticed there were very few if any active sessions when selecting that option. Career mode is where I spent most of my time in the game.

In Career mode, select your vehicle and join the lower-level National League to start your career. Tutorials are available to help you understand how to use the four-wheel driving system along with guides showing you how to perform various tricks such as the Bicycle. Completing various sponsor tasks will unlock additional parts and customization options for your vehicle including unique body styles.

Each of the 10 events per series consists of a few stages with different types of competitions. The races and competitions can be exciting but I found that after a few races at different locations, it became more of a “grind” for me to complete an event as the excitement quickly wore off. Freestyle and Destruction competitions offer a different style of play for those that don’t want to race. However, even after going through the tutorials, there were times in a competition where I felt I was just moving the joysticks in random ways hoping to create a high-scoring combination which I actually did a few times.

In Monster Truck Championship parts easily fly off your vehicle and I’ve had many races where there was not much more than the frame of my truck left when I crossed the finish line. While it’s understandable to have extensive damage to your vehicle, it seems like parts fall off too easily at times. Monster Truck Championship does not have any licensed monster trucks but some of the vehicles in games are similar to their real-world counterparts. 

Monster Truck Championship Review Final Thoughts:

Despite the few flaws mentioned above, I had a blast playing Monster Truck Championship and encourage fans of Monster Truck racing to give it a spin. Monster Truck Championship is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $40 and launches on the Nintendo Switch on November 19.

Monster Truck Championship on PC


Monster Truck Championship Review Score



  • It's Monster Trucks!
  • Good looking graphics.


  • Events seem repetitive at times.
  • Multiplayer lacking players.
  • Parts seem to fly off a little too easy.