Milestone is back again with their latest Monster Energy Supercross title as the series starts to heat up. Let’s take a look and see how it fares compared to last year’s release.

The first thing that caught my attention with the new Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 3 was the interface. Last year’s interface seemed a little clunky and not aesthetically pleasing. The UI has been overhauled with this release and provides a cleaner, more intuitive interface. It seems more in line with other games I’ve seen that are made available across PC and consoles.

One of the new features of Monster Energy Supercross 3 is the improved Custom Rider tool which has the ability to create female riders from the new models provided. Along with female riders, there are new options for facial modifications and hairstyles to help you create your own unique rider.

Game modes are similar to last year’s Monster Energy Supercross 2 with Single Event, Time Trial and Challenges modes. The Compound has been expanded with numerous trials and tracks with the addition of a new co-op option. The Challenges vary over 5 categories ranging from getting the holeshot to improving your flair throughout the race. However, like myself, I’m sure many players will play mostly in the Career mode.

Graphics once again are solid with real-life series tracks replicated in the game. I enjoyed racing around the various stadiums typically used for NFL football on Fall Sundays. This was especially fun looking at the Nissan Stadium which is what I would call my “home” stadium housing a Supercross race. One observation is that the mud on wet tracks seemed a little overkill. The track was definitely slick, but it seemed like the mud was deeper than expected.

The Track Editor once again is back and with some improvements in tow. Along with some new track pieces, there are now additional sand options for your track. Even with these improvements, there is still a good number of tracks focusing on generating XP for your rider and not a plethora of real-world tracks.

Monster Energy Supercross 3 is available for $59.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. The cost drops for Monster Energy Supercross 3 on Steam and Switch for $49.99. Pick up your copy today!