In summary — loved Mass Effect 2 – wasn’t big on Mass Effect 1 and am extremely anxious to play Mass Effect 3.  For half a year I was torn between one HUGE decision.  I played Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3 because I wanted to get a complete version all on one disc (PS3 is the one-disc-to-rule-them-all motto) and because I prefer the PS3 controller for games of this nature.  When last I met Commander Shepard I was able to keep everyone alive in my team, had romances with Miranda Lawson (who didn’t? that slut!) and salvaged the Reaper ship to study it at the end of the game.  I was so concerned with tampering the outcome that I never played The Arrival DLC when it was released.

When Microsoft announced that Mass Effect 3 would be Kinect enabled on the Xbox 360 I laughed it off as a gimmick and knew that MY Mass Effect universe was waiting for me on Sony’s PlayStation 3.  Things changed when I had a chance to sit down with the ME3 demo last night with my Kinect ready to go and voice commands at my finger tips.  Yelling at your TV to open doors and activate computer terminals doesn’t seem that exciting but being able to switch weapons on the fly and give your teammates first aid by using your voice can be wonderful things.

Watch me go from skeptic to true believer in this commentary gameplay video playing Mass Effect 3 on the demo using the Xbox 360 Kinect interface.  This franchise is all about choice and consequences and I think for the third go around I’m going to play as FemShep and start from scratch on the Xbox 360 using Kinect — I know that my male counterpart will still be waiting for me on the PlayStation 3 later in the year should I decide to give it a replay.

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