It has been almost a month since Marvel vs Capcom Infinite released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and already we have our first wave of new characters.  In this first set we get Sigma, Monster Hunter, and Black Panther.  In terms of playstyles, all three characters are fairly different.  Monster Hunter is a melee fighter with a large range thanks to her massive sword, which is supplemented by a few bow attacks.  Black Panther is also a melee fighter, but one who can transverse the screen easily with his fast jumps.  Sigma is a hulking juggernaut of a character who mixes slow melee attacks with a few ranged attacks.  Overall, from a gameplay perspective, there’s a decent mix in these characters, and I think most players will be able to find one they like.

This DLC does seem a bit odd since Monster Hunter and Black Panther both appear in the story mode’s cutscenes, suggesting that at least their models were done quite some time ago.  Sigma doesn’t really appear in the story (he’s merged with Ultron, so I’m considering them a separate character), but since he came out so close to launch I feel that he should have been included as a prize for beating the story mode.  I do understand that these teams work on stuff after they can no longer be included in the base game, but in this age of day-1 patches, that’s harder to swallow.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC Review Final Thoughts:

At $7.99 each these characters feel overly expensive.  That price comes down drastically if you purchase the Character pass, which is for 6 characters (including these 3) for $29.99, or $4.99 per character.  Still, between the high price per character and the feeling that these characters should have been included in the base game, it’s hard to recommend this pack.  You will probably need to get it if you want to be a competitive player simply so you know how the characters play, but casual players should wait for a sale.