Ever since purchasing the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, I have been fascinated by what developers would and could accomplish using the untapped potential of the new console.  So, when I had a chance to experience LEGO Worlds on the Nintendo Switch at E3 this year, I had to take it.

On paper, LEGO Worlds on Switch seems like a match made in heaven.  A creative game like LEGO Worlds on a console that feels made for the creativity in each of us.  Now, the game’s mechanics have not really been altered; LEGO Worlds is still a game about using your discovery tool to grab objects and studs to create and unleash these objects on the world.  I really enjoyed creating pigs and chickens and firing them willy-nilly into the air.  The game brings the whimsy; you bring the LEGO spirit.

I was playing with the Switch docked and while it was fun, I think the success of the game will be evident in the portability aspect.  I also think the Switch will do better with it when it is not trying to up-rez it to 900p.  This will be an easy game to recommend to take with you on the go.  It’s the kind of pick-up-and-play game that is not heavy on time commitment.

LEGO Worlds Nintendo Switch Preview Final Thoughts:

Overall, I think LEGO Worlds and Nintendo Switch is a marriage that is easy to accept.  The short sessions plus the creativity aspect make for a great game for you on the go.  Keep an eye on this one as it releases later this year on the Nintendo Switch.