Immortals Fenyx Rising is the game that just keeps on giving. The core game was surprisingly fun like a Breath of the Wilds meets Clash of the Titans mashup which found a good balance between a compelling story and tongue-in-cheek narration. Immortals Fenyx Rising’s release followed up with two sizeable DLCs Myths of the Eastern Realm and A New God which built on the base story in surprising ways. Now, the third and final DLC Immortals Fenyx Rising The Lost Gods bring us full circle.

Each of the three DLC packs had its own particular quirk to distinguish them from the core game. Lost Gods’ twist is that the game has gone from third-person action-adventure to an isometric brawler akin to the Diablo or Path of Exiles series. Additionally, you once again play as a new hero, but this time with Fenyx themself acting as the narrator, with Athena assisting as an owl familiar named Owlthena. It is honestly satisfying to have the hero you grew yourself across the main game and first DLC take on the mentor role in the final DLC, and it’s not something we see all that often. Your new protagonist, Ash, is no slouch herself, and though we don’t spend too much with her she’s an engaging character.

The gameplay in Lost Gods is immensely satisfying, assuming you’re looking for something a bit more action-heavy than the previous outings. The camera angle isn’t the only trait borrowed from Diablo, as the puzzles have been scaled down, and the amount of combat scaled up quite significantly. While Lost Gods doesn’t add in the armor and weapon loot drops players of that genre will be familiar with, it does import a version of the socketing system, which lets you customize your gear and abilities more extensively than you might expect. In all, it presents a Path of Exiles-lite experience for gamers to enjoy, and I think most players will have fun with this.

In terms of narrative, Lost Gods fills in some of the gaps left from the core game. As many will know, the Greek pantheon is quite large, and we only get a tiny fraction of them in the adventure. Lost Gods looks to show where some of the other gods went after Typhon’s attack. It does that job fairly well, but with few surprises. While Fenyx and Athena provide entertaining commentary, the overall experience here doesn’t live up to the original game, and you should measure your interest in this DLC on the gameplay more than the story.

Immortals Fenyx Rising The Lost Gods DLC Review Final Thoughts:

Overall Lost Gods fleshes out a trilogy of DLC that is easy to recommend. Each of the three provides their own experience, and even if one of them doesn’t tickle your interest, the other two are more than worth the value. Although Immortals Fenyx Rising was overshadowed last year by its siblings Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion the teams behind it consistently proved that it is worth your time. This DLC could easily have been simple hour-long side missions like so many other companies do for their games, but each one is a small game in its own right. At this point you may be better off waiting for an ultimate edition of the game to release with all the DLC included in one package, but if/when that happens you should absolutely give it a chance.