The surprisingly fun Immortals Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft has gotten its first of three DLC packs with A New God.  The story picks up at the end of the base game and tests Fenyx’s new-found powers in a series of obstacle courses.  The thing to know going into this DLC pack is that it is entirely composed of Vaults, which are Immortals Fenyx Rising’s puzzle dungeons.  In the base game, I enjoyed the vaults as an activity sprinkled in among all the other things to do, but this “all-vaults, all-the-time” approach is a different animal.  For me, it felt like a bit of an overload to have so many vaults in a row without breaks.

It is not just that A New God is one giant vault puzzle, the difficulty of the puzzles here are a step up from those in the core adventure.  This will please fans who were disappointed with how easy even the most difficult vaults were in Immortals Fenyx Rising, but it comes at a cost.

In order to maintain the difficulty, the vaults are far more structured this time around.  In the base game, you could often attack the vaults in unique ways if you were of the mind to do so, but now you must solve the puzzles the way the developers intended.  For some that will not be an issue, but for others, it will diminish the enjoyment in figuring out how to “break” the puzzles.  The other disappointment is that, aside from some cosmetics, you cannot bring any of the upgrades you unlock in the DLC to the main game.  They truly would break the difficulty curve of Immortals Fenyx Rising, but it still means the DLC feels less impactful overall.

The appeal of A New God will stem entirely from how much you enjoyed the vaults in Immortals Fenyx Rising.  If you loved them then there are 24 new, harder vaults ready for you to tackle.  If you didn’t enjoy them, or at least didn’t enjoy them enough to want to run through new ones, then you’ll have little reason to pop in here.  There is the appeal of seeing the end of Fenyx’s adventures (the remaining two DLCs have different protagonists), but storytelling is a bit light in this pack.  The adventure should run you around 10 hours, so it is not an insignificant time investment.  At $14.99 on its own, or as part of the $29.99 season pass, it feels a bit expensive for a DLC, but it is bulkier than it initially seems.  It is important to know what you are paying for, though.