If you spend a lot of time on the internet, then you’re probably aware that online casinos have become pretty popular.

Out of all the games available, roulette is one of the crowd favorites. This is to be expected – after all, who doesn’t love roulette?

When it comes to playing online roulette, there are two versions that you can choose from:

  • Standard online roulette
  • Live roulette

Standard online roulette is when you play by yourself using your finger to swipe and interact with the screen. When you want to play, you simply select your wager, click the spin button, and watch the ball move around the roulette table until it finishes on a particular spot.

With live roulette, things are a little different. The concept and rules of roulette all remain the same – the difference is that a real human being dealer is spinning the wheel for you via video camera. Essentially, it’s just like being in a land-based casino except everything is done through video, instead. After entering a live roulette room, you’ll speak with the dealer and tell them whether you want to bet on red or black (or odd or even). From there, after placing your wager, the dealer will spin the wheel and you’ll both wait to see where the ball lands.

Where Can I Play Live Roulette?

You can play live roulette across a variety of online casino sites, with lclubonline.com being an excellent example of this.

Remember, not all online casinos offer live roulette (or any ‘live’ games at all, for that matter). So, if having live roulette is a deal breaker for you, make sure to check that an online casino offers it prior to joining them. If not, you’re going to end up disappointed! 

What Devices Can I Use for Live Roulette?

Providing you have a good internet connection; you can use a variety of devices for live roulette. The most popular choices are:

If you want the best possible experience, it’s recommended you choose a device with a slightly larger screen, such as a tablet.

Is Live Roulette Easier?

The truth is, it’s not easier to win at live roulette. This is because it’s an entirely luck-based game. Neither you nor the dealer can sway where the ball is going to land – only fate can decide. 

However, live roulette does make the process of gambling simpler for you because the dealer is doing most of the work for you (i.e., taking your wager, spinning the wheel, and so on.).

Can You Speak to Live Roulette Dealers?

Yep – you can speak to the dealers.

Whether it’s friendly small talk or instructions regarding your wager, you have total freedom to speak to live roulette dealers.

Remember to follow the rules, though, as casino etiquette is very important. Treat live dealers with respect and don’t be rude when talking to them, as this can lead to you being permanently banned from an online casino.

Good luck!