The Hitman video game series allows you to play as Agent 47 and eliminate targets either through stealth or brute force – generally stealth is the way to go! The last Hitman game was released in chapters over time – diminishing some of the hype for its release but we’re happy to see that Hitman 2 will include the full game in one package. Hitman 2 will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 13, 2018, from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive.

We had a chance to play Hitman 2 at a private media event and capture gameplay to share online. Hitman 2 offers the same kind of stealth and planning as the previous game. The graphics and presentation seem about the same yet the reaction time in the environment feels to be a bit more responsive – like vaulting walls is easier, melee combat more punchy and swapping into a new outfit faster. We still wish swapping the inventory was a little different and faster as scrolling through that menu one item at a time can break up the flow of the action.

Much like before Hitman 2 is for the patient gamer – you’ll have a difficult time going into a scenario with guns-a-blazing. Each level will offer clues and hints as to how Agent 47 can best scope out the scene and impersonate one of the locals or distract guards in order to enter areas un-noticed.

The biggest news yet for Hitman 2 is the introduction of a new multiplayer mode called ‘Ghost Mode‘. In Hitman 2 Ghost Mode you and another gamer both have the same objective to eliminate a target without being seen or caught. The action here will be slow and calculated and the level we played on had us moving through large crowds of people at a racetrack – impersonating security guards and medical staff trying to get ourselves close enough to take down the unsuspecting victim. In Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode you have to beat the other player to the target and take them out before the other person — what becomes part of the fun or the silliness of it all is when both players are zero’ed in on the target and can see each other – hovering about – waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

We’re not sure if Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode will be a high selling point for the game but it did add another level of fun and interaction between friends – and bragging rights. From what we’ve seen so far the upcoming Hitman game looks much like the last one with some additional polish and intrigue and we’re hoping to be caught off guard by some additional surprises when the full game releases. If you’re a big fan of the Hitman franchise then check out this exact replica of Agent47 Silver Ballers.