Racing fans have many options for their racing fix and one option is the established F1 series by Codemasters. F1 2021 is also the first F1 iteration under the new EA Sports ownership. Aside from the famous “It’s in the game” tagline, there currently aren’t a ton of reminders of EA’s ownership. Hopefully, Codemaster can use EA’s resources to give us continually improving textures and features with upcoming releases. The graphics are improved and I would love to see them only get better with the additional EA resources.

Braking Point is a new game mode where you play as Aiden Jackson a new driver moving up from the F2 series joining one of five established F1 teams. This mode is more story-driven with statements you make in post-race interviews guiding feedback from your team. Say negative things about your teammate and your email inbox may receive emails from management reminding you not to speak negatively about your team. Each race you are presented with goals to achieve such as finishing in the top 10 or finishing ahead of specific drivers in the race. This new story mode clocks in around 6 hours and is a welcome addition to the already excellent franchise.

Along with the Braking Point, racers will find other familiar modes such as Time Trial and Multiplayer available to select. Career Mode is back this year with the addition of a two-player mode where you and your friends can receive contracts that potentially send each of you to different teams (contracts). Co-op is available in the two-player career mode where your friends follow you to your new team.

The graphics in the game are similar to last year’s game with some improvements and optimization. Tracks are realistic and a few times during the post-race interview with your driver, you almost get a sense you are there on the track. If you’ve got a powerful graphics card you can increase the graphic settings and enjoy the enhanced view without compromising many frames. My game ran smoothly at 1440p on my machine but running the game at 1080p still produces great images inside the game.

Those new to F1 racing can still enjoy F1 2001 as there are numerous driving assists and proficiencies which are preset configurations for various driver skill levels. Of course, each one of these proficiencies can be customized for your specific ability. Assists include Dynamic racing line, pit assist, braking, and steering assist. The Elite driving proficiency removes all assists giving you more realistic and difficult racing experiences.

F1 2021 Review Final Thoughts:

F1 2021 is a nice upgrade from the previous year’s version and racing fans new and experienced can find modes that fit their style of racing. F1 2021 is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam for $59.99. Go ahead and give it a spin!

F1 2021 on PC


F1 2021 Review Score



  • New story mode.
  • Improved graphics and physics.
  • New co-op career mode.


  • Limited.