There seems to be an endless number of survival games available, but very few that take place underwater. Enter Diluvion. Developed by Arachnid Games, Diluvion takes you to the world sunken deep beneath the waves due to punishment from the gods. However, not all hope is lost! The last god decided to hide a gift at the bottom of the ocean. Whoever brings back this gift gives a new golden age for mankind.

Diluvion begins with the player selecting from three subs with various advantages and disadvantages. Once your sub is selected, you begin your underwater adventure. Controlling the sub is done with either the keyboard or as I chose, a controller. While the controller seemed more natural to me, I sill found it difficult to confidently navigate throughout the sea. The color palette used is on the darker side and I often found myself lost as to which direction I needed to travel. Areas that looked open ended up being obstacles I had to avoid. Traversing through the sea, you come across various stations where you can hire individuals that man the different parts of your sub. To keep your crew paid, you need to loot wrecks and trade that loot at the various stations you find in your travels.

During your deep sea adventure, you run across other ships as well as sea creatures that will attack your sub. The combat component in Diluvion was not very intense or satisfying for me. It was slowly paced and due to the color design, I found myself aimlessly hunting for my target as they maneuvered around my sub. My hired crew did their job, but I just lacked that sense of pride in destroying my enemies.

Final thoughts on Diluvion:

Survival games are not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. I’m actually in that group myself. However, despite my feelings on the genre, I didn’t feel like Diluvion is a game that will keep purists attention for extended periods of time. The controls felt clunky to me and aside from the in-game music, there is not a lot of audio throughout the game. Diluvion is available on Steam for $19.99 and I think that is a fair price for the game.

Diluvion on Steam





  • Unique Environment
  • Good Soundtrack


  • Awkward controls
  • Navigation confusing
  • Save system flawed