When you have two passions, like video games playing and movies, instead of just one of them, you have to think for which hobby to use time. It is a big dilemma and, of course, sacrifice, because you have to sacrifice one hobby for another. Though, there is one exception when you can combine two favorite things. The result of combining video gaming and cinema is an interactive version of a motion picture or a film adaption of a favorite video game.

death race 2000

The first arcade game inspired by a movie was Death Race. It was released in 1976 and based on legendary Death Race 2000 movie made one year before. Though, according to other sources, Raiders of the Lost Ark game should be considered to be the first movie-based game by the reason that is was the first fully licensed game. The most important thing here, to my mind, is that such an idea to combine movie and video games came to people, and I can enjoy this one of the greatest achievement of mankind because it prevents me from the agony of choosing between playing my favorite video game or watching a movie on my sofa with a popcorn bucket. My joy can be compared with jubilation of a gambling lover who can easily find all best casinos in one place on nederlandsegokken.nl – online casino website instead of going to Las Vegas.

The news about launching the Apocalypse Now video game pleased me no end. The film of the same name belongs to my top 5 favorite films. Dedicated to the Vietnam war, Apocalypse Now raises profound philosophical questions. In 1979 its director Francis Ford Coppola conceived the film so that it would capture minds and hearts of viewers twenty, thirty and forty years later. And he managed to do this because this cult picture influences us till now.

Details about the Apocalypse Now Video Game

Though, this could take forever to describe the importance and greatness of Apocalypse Now as well as its honors and awards. The news is we, gamers, may have a chance to repeat the experience in a role-playing game based on this masterpiece. The main hero here as in the film is Captain Millard. His mission is to find and assassinate Colonel Kurtz in the jungles of Vietnam. Playing Captain Millard will not easy and therefore creative. This stealth game will require your attention, wise decisions, and strategic thinking. The player here is the filmmaker who makes his own story and prejudges the outcome of a game. And at the same, time it depends on gamers whether this game will be destined to be released. American Zoetrope company via Kickstarter launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $900,000 USD to make the game possible. 2019 is the anticipated year of releasing Apocalypse Now video game with early access. That year would be quite momentous, the 40th anniversary of the film. For the latest news and updates on all of your favorite video games, check out GameMite.