The Worms series is back again with Worms Revolution – looking better than ever with the same quirkiness that the franchise is known for. All the classic weapons are back with some new friends, giving your little worm soldiers the armory they need. This along with the robust tutorial will be great if you’re new to turn-based earth eater warfare.

While Worms sticks to a tried and true formula it does shake things up a bit. New customization options for your dirt-dwelling cannon-fodder can give them an appearance other than their usual naked selves. My personal favorite is the option to change what they say, so that if a a certain soundbite gets on my nerves I’ll just make my worm Scottish or something. Finally while graphics are usually second fiddle to making a game like this work, in Worms it adds to the comedic value. Your gun-toting soldiers of manure get battle damaged along with everything else. Seeing my favorite worm get a black eye, then bandages and missing teeth until his iconic suicidal farewell was both hilarious and saddening.

Just like all explosives some are duds. Worms Revolution is no exception with its main problem being a short single-player campaign. While Worms has and always will be a multiplayer experience, finding someone else willing to play online or off, is a task all on its own. I also noticed that matches seemed to go on longer than they used to, giving rage-quitters and laggy connections extra time to go awry. Local multiplayer has seen far more attention then what’s considered the norm in recent memory. Up to three players can play locally and on one controller at that. Worms Revolution is by far the most content heavy of the entire series.

Worms Revolution is definitely up to snuff. If you’ve passed on the Worms franchise in the past than this is a great game to sample uncharted waters. Just try not to blow yourself up to smithereens!  Worms Revolution was developed by Team17 Software Ltd. and is available Oct 10, 2012 for XBLA, PSN and Windows PC for $14.99.

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