Rally racing games are a very specific niche and there are two primary contenders, DiRT Rally and World Rally Championship. I recently received the opportunity to review the latest World Rally Championship version, WRC 6 by Kylotonn Studios and had fun racing in this niche. I’ll be the first to admit that while I enjoy racing games, I won’t be setting any track records in the future. However, this allows me to look at a racing game from an “average gamer” perspective which isn’t always a bad idea.

World Rally Championship 6 offers many options to play the game. If you are a gamer that likes a solid career mode, WRC 6 will give you plenty of options to succeed. Work your way from the Junior WRC through the WRC 2 and finally end up in the top WRC series.  If career mode isn’t your style you can always start a quick race at one of the many licensed real-world courses offered in the game. One thing to note, when attempting to play multiplayer, I noticed there were no active servers to join. I verified I was looking for all tracks and modes but didn’t find any servers to join. I’m not sure if this was due to the time of day, or just a low number of online players.

The graphics in WRC 6 are good but didn’t amaze me with like Forza: Horizons 3. All car sponsors are easily identifiable and many teams of the 2016 season are present, including 50+ licensed drivers. There is a true sense of speed as you scream down the often-narrow tracks with objects passing by as nothing more than a faint blur in your peripheral vision. Environmental factors such as snow, rain, or driving at night enhance the experience and bring an additional level of detail that immerses you in the race. As I mentioned, I’m no Colin McCrae and thus I end up hitting a few objects during my race and the damage model presented in WRC 6 displays my abilities in great detail. Fortunately, I can repair the damage after each stage, allowing me to keep from driving a crippled car over the finish line at the end of the event.

Final thoughts on World Rally Championship 6:

I think any fan of Rally racing should give World Rally Championship 6 a chance. It may not be as complex as it’s competitor, DiRT Rally but that’s also what makes it more appealing to me. You don’t have to be a hardcore sim racer to enjoy WRC 6. That’s a very good thing in my opinion! World Rally Championship 6 is available for $44.99 on Steam, and $49.99 for the PS4 and Xbox One versions on their respective stores.


World Rally Championship 6 on PS4


World Rally Championship 6 Review Score



  • Licensed Tracks, Drivers, and Cars
  • Solid graphics
  • Deep career mode


  • Lack of online multiplayer.
  • Frame rate drops at times.