Wolfenstein The New Order is an upcoming video game from MachineGames and Bethesda.  Wolfenstein is a long-running franchise and most would consider it the original first-person-shooter.  Wolfenstein The New Order features William ‘BJ’ Blazkowicz based on the original 8-bit hero and also a female companion called Anya who is along for the ride.

Wolfenstein The New Order is set in an alternative reality where the Nazi have won the war and taken over with you as the best chance at taking them down as part of the resistance movement.  The developers claim the game will be more of an action adventure then just a straight of action game but from what we saw and played it feels mostly like a big giant first-person-shooter with tons of guns and weapons.

Thus far the entire charm of the new Wolfenstein game revolves around the guns and the dual-wielding gameplay.  The hero of the game BJ is full of jokey ‘one-liners’ much like his historic counterpart Duke Nukem.

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