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With this in mind, rating these games and attempting to pick your favourites can be an extremely challenging and time-consuming activity. You therefore need to use some of the available resources at your disposal, with websites such as Metacritic ranking iOS games based on user reviews and feedback.

List of the 3 Best iOS Games from 2016 so far:

So, based on Metacritic statistics, what have been the most popular and best-performing games of 2016 so far? Here are the top three:

#3: Clash Royale

With an impressive Metacritic score of 86 out of 100, Clash Royale claims third place in our shortlist. Based on the classic Clash of Clans narrative, players are required to collect and then upgrade cards featuring troops, spells and defences that fans will know and love. Prominent Royales are also included as key elements of the game, including princes, knights and baby dragons.

clash royale

The ultimate aim is to knock the enemy king and princesses from their respective towers, defeating them in the process and earning their crowns. Points and trophies can also be earned, with this multi-layered and immersive game offering huge depth to players.

#2: Disney Crossy Road

Next up is Disney Crossy Road, which is second on our list and boasts a Metacritic score of 89 out of 100. Designed by Hipster Whale, the developers of the original Crossy Road title, this game has received more than 120 million downloads and remains one of the most popular in the iOS store.

disney cross road

An 8-bit, never-ending adventure that embodies the true spirit of Disney, this game appeals to children, adolescents and adults of all ages. It is also particularly simple too, as you look to cross the road without being struck and then splattered.

#1: Crashlands

Top of the tree is Crashlands, which is the best iOS game of 2016 so far and one that boasts an incredible Metacritic rating of 93 out of 100. An RPG game of the highest order, it is also on of the most creative on the market and sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys true fantasy gaming.


With this in mind, why not take the plunge into a vast, immersive and stunning alien world, where survival is your goal and adventure you ally. If not, you will be missing out on a game that has taken the iOS market by storm over the course of the last six months.