In March, the Sci-Fi channel will bring us the World Cyber Games Ultimate Gamer competition show!  Teasers and trailers have filtered through the Internet since Janurary but details about the show have remained locked up.  Twelve pro-gamers from around the world were given a chance to compete head to head for the title of ‘best all-around gamer’.  In addition to video games like Rock Band and Halo – the challengers will face obstacles like paintball and have to learn how to jam with real guitars.  Many of the contestants like sWooZie, StarSlay3r and Calyber have been guests on COIN-OP TV so be sure to check out their interviews on the archive (links below).  In the meantime – have at the longer and latest trailer below and place your bets now to see who’ll be crowned the world’s best all-around pro-gamer!

Calyber interviewed at CES for COTV ep48:
StarSlay3r on COIN-OP TV LIVE ep211:
sWooZie on COIN-OP TV LIVE ep238: