Wave Break by Funkotronic Labs is a “First on Stadia” release that combines the look and sound of 1980s Miami Vice, Tony Hawk skateboarding, or in this case, “skateboating”, and “adorable” animal characters. You play as one of several animals collecting as many points as possible using various combinations of tricks with your boat. The graphics are the 1980s arcade-styled but are quite vibrant. Each of the maps has a distinct look with tons of objects to use for creating point-scoring combos with your boat.

As mentioned, there is a definite 1980s style soundtrack for Wave Break including tracks with Synthwave. Funktronic Labs went as far as to create the Wave Break: High Tides EP soundtrack that is available on most music-streaming services. Remember how I said “adorable” animal characters? Well, that was intentional, some of these characters have a tendency to drop a four-letter word here and there when their trick combos don’t quite work out as planned. There is a profanity filter option if you decide you don’t want to hear their vulgarities.

Gameplay in Wave Break is pretty similar to the old Tony Hawk skating games. Move the stick in various directions while simultaneously pressing a button to complete a trick in your boat. Wave Break includes four maps: High Tide Hotel, Polar Petroleum, Canyon Cartel, and Quad City with each map providing unique point-scoring options.

There are several modes to play including Campaign and Free Play. The Campaign mode provides you several goals to complete such as collecting letters and scoring a certain amount of points in 2 minutes. Leveling up your character to unlock additional customizations requires a bit of grinding and I found it took longer to level up using the Campaign mode than it did in other modes such as Free Play. 

Another unique feature in Wave Break is the use of guns that can be used in Campaign and in multiplayer. Gather a few of your friends and see who can score the most points. Just make sure you stay alert as you do have a health bar and you don’t want to be shot, ending your chance at taking the bragging rights from your friends.

Wave Break Stadia Review Final Thoughts:

Skateboarding games can be a lot of fun and Wave Break takes that concept and turns it into a fun “skateboating” adventure. You can purchase Wave Break from the Stadia store for $29.99. I have a lot of fun playing it and I believe you will too.

Wave Break on Stadia


Wave Break Review Score



  • Addicting gameplay.
  • Bright and vivid environments.
  • Awesome '80s style soundtrack.


  • Multiplayer a little empty.
  • Camera movement could become confusing.
  • Grinding to level character became boring.