The upcoming Warcraft movie (2016) is based upon characters and places from the popular Blizzard video game World of Warcraft.  Warcraft features a mixture of live action and computer animated characters and is set in the world of Azeroth with an ensemble cast of humans and orcs.

The YouTube Space LA hosted a Q&A panel this week featuring Duncan Jones (Director), Paula Patton (Garona) and Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim).  The extended trailer for Warcraft was shown to an audience of about 100 people and the panel fielded questions about the movie and video game lore.


Paula Patton talked about not having her skin painted but that effect being done by a post production rotoscope process allowing her skin to change color based on her character’s mood.  Paula also spent time praising the movie almost surprised at how well it turned out.

Robert Kazinsky explained how he had played the World of Warcraft video game for over 10 years and had a fear or pressure to ‘do it right’ and desired the final product to look good.  Robert joked about how he felt he had already spent time in the places from the movie as a result of playing the World of Warcraft video game.

Duncan Jones remarked on the freedom they had to cast whomever they wanted because the name/license of Warcraft was already well known and they wouldn’t need a star actor to garner box office attention.  Duncan stated that if you were a fan of the video game that you will feel ‘taken home’ watching the movie.

The panel also teased that the Warcraft movie would contain a large amount of ‘Easter eggs’ for fan service and Robert Kasinsky declared that the movie will even include a Murloc.