Walking Dead Episode 2 is finally upon us. Released June 27 2012 Episode 2 continues the five episode TellTale story of Lee Everett. A convicted killer and college professor Lee has taken on the task of seeing Clementine, a young girl he met along his way, through the end of the world. More zombies and more heart breaking decisions to make, Walking Dead Episode 2 has arrived.

With the release of episode 2 comes an extremely spoiler heavy video exploring statistics associated with tracked in game decisions from Walking Dead Episode 1. Again the following video is filled to the top with spoilers, you have been warned.

I sided with the majority on 8 of the 10 tracked decisions. Still can’t figure out why I said I was the babysitter, and I don’t regret my minority decision to loan Irene the gun to commit suicide. The choice that will haunt my dreams forever is picking Duck. You’d think being in the majority on that one would make me feel better about it but really it just makes me sad to know that 49% of us saved that useless child.