The Walking Dead: The Game Episode 5 ‘No Time Left’ releases this week (from Telltale Games) continuing the story of Lee Everett, a convicted killer and college professor, and Clementine, a young girl, trying to survive zombies and possibly the end of the world.

With the eminent release of Episode 5 comes an extremely spoiler-heavy video exploring statistics associated with tracked in game decisions from Walking Dead Episode 4. Again the following video is filled to the top with spoilers, you have been warned.

Playing through episode after episode of The Walking Dead I feel I’ve become as jaded to the life and death struggle as Lee must be. From choosing with the majority of players 9 of 10 times in Ep. 1 to 4 of 7 with Ep. 2, 2 of 7 in Ep. 3 and now 3 of 5 for Ep. 4. I’m beyond regret, beyond feeling the guilt brought on by holding my decisions up to the mirror of statistical majorities. When it came to showing my bite at the end of the episode I broke with most players opting to hide my bite. Not because I’m a liar but because it didn’t matter, rescuing Clem mattered and I didn’t need the NPCs sympathy shifting focus to my problems.

The irony is that hiding the bite probably contributed to only having Kenny back me up in my rescue mission, a result only 5% of players got, rather than the potential additional support that could have been received based on sympathetic feelings had I come clean about the bite. The only other time I was in the statistical minority was in the decision regarding Ben. Ben set in motion a chain of events that directly lead to the deaths of Duck, Katjaa, Carley, and Lilly. His guilty conscience then had him threatening to put at odds myself and my best ally. So I happily obliged his death wish.

We want to hear about some of your regrets. Specifically regrets involving The Walking Dead, but general life regrets are alright too I guess. So hit that comment section, we want to hear from you.