The Walking Dead Video Game Episode 4 ‘Around Every Corner’ releases this week (from Telltale Games) continuing the story of Lee Everett, a¬†convicted killer and college professor, and Clementine, a young girl, trying to survive zombies and possibly the end of the world.

With the eminent release of Episode 4 comes an extremely spoiler-heavy video exploring statistics associated with tracked in game decisions from Walking Dead Episode 3. Again the following video is filled to the top with spoilers, you have been warned.

Of the seven tracked choices I was with the majority only twice. I decided to tell Clem that we’d look for her parents upon arrival in Savannah and when it came time to”take care of Duck” I pulled the trigger. It seems that I’m moving away from the majority decisions, from 9 of 10 in Ep. 1 to 4 of 7 with Ep. 2. Does this 2 of 7 in Ep. 3 make me a bad person, or are the choices morally grey enough to avoid that kind of label?

There were a couple of surprises in the statistical re-cap: The first decision of the episode with the woman on the street, the fight with Kenny, and whether or not to leave Lilly behind. I think logic is on the side of leaving the stranger to the zombies even if the majority of players were against it. To have the compassion to keep Lilly with the group after her murder and to fight Kenny on the train seemed like opposing attitudes, yet there they are; two decisions that most players were with and that I was against. Unlike the previous episodes in which I had some strong regrets regarding specific choices, this time I only regret that I’m waiting to complete all five episodes before I go back and change some choices and with them the game experience.

We want to hear about some of your regrets. Specifically regrets involving The Walking Dead, but general life regrets are alright too I guess. So hit that comment section, we want to hear from you.