The Walking Dead Episode 3 is set for release this week. Episode 3 continues the five episode TellTale story of Lee Everett. A convicted killer and college professor Lee has taken on the task of seeing Clementine, a young girl he met along his way, through the end of the world. More zombies and more heart breaking decisions to make when Walking Dead Episode 3 makes its arrival.

With the eminent release of Episode 3 comes an extremely spoiler heavy video exploring statistics associated with tracked in game decisions from Walking Dead Episode 2. Again the following video is filled to the top with spoilers, you have been warned.

Of the 7 tracked choices I was with the majority on only 4 of them. The last time we analyzed the decision percentages for Episode 1, around launch time for Episode 2, I found myself much more in line with the majority of players; choosing with them 9 out of 10 times. The last tracked decision of the episode asks if you are willing to steal. Most were, I was not. When it came to Larry’s death I tried to lawyer my way out of it, hoping that if I kept the argument going long enough he would turn and force the decision. Instead I argued until Kenny smashed the old man’s head, and because I didn’t help try to revive him I was credited with helping kill him. Moving backwards from finish to start, my choice at the very start of the episode was a minority one. Again it was less of a conscious choice and more of a non-decision. Instead of chopping off David’s leg to free him from that bear trap thus giving him a shot a survival; I left him to die. After trying every other option and running out of time, I left that poor dude to die.