November means celebrating art at the DesignerCon!  This is a specialized show for people who appreciate art and want it in small bites.  The DesignerCon show floor is mostly vinyl toys for sale and display –  some booths also carry t-shirts and other cute collectibles.  We ran into some of our favorite local artists in Joe Ledbetter and Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins (pictured below and also interviewed in our DesignerCon 2009 interviews).

Our two favorite booths this year were from Inoochi, who carried cute t-shirts and apparel for petite girls and the Squid Kids booth, which brought along custom made Nintendo cartridge characters.  There was a handful of us video game journalist and media guys savoring over some of the NES art collectibles (pictured below), which eventually got swooped up one-by-one.  This show is worth putting on your calendar for next year!