Victorious is a TV show on Nickelodeon starring Victoria Justice who plays a diversely talented teenager named Tori Vega.  Last year we visited the D3 Publisher studio to check out Victorious Time To Shine and this year got to try Victorious Taking The Lead.

Victorious Taking The Lead on the Nintendo Wii is a point and click adventure using the Wii-Mote to find hot spots to trigger events with other students and the environment.  The cast of the show helped voice the video game and on the Wii version you play as Tori but on the Nintendo DS version you can play as either Tori or Jade.  The Nintendo DS version of Victorious Taking The Lead is mostly a rhythm response game.

Both versions of Victorious Taking The Lead will be out in time for the 2012 Holiday season – don’t expect any ground-breaking gameplay from either title but if you are a dedicated fan of the show then you may consider one of these games as a stocking stuffer!

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