The Ubisoft Press Conference E3 Expo 2017 was impressive with a good variety of video games showcased and some surprises along the way. Things kicked off with the reveal of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle with Miyamoto from Nintendo making a guest appearance on the Ubisoft stage. Mario + Rabbids looks like a family friendly version of Xcom where you battle in a turn-based video game. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle comes out Aug 29, 2017.

Assassin’s Creed Origins has a short introduction and new trailer and has a release date of Oct 27, 2017.

The Crew 2 looks impressive and features car, plane, motorcycle, boat racing and more. If the Baby Driver movie takes off it could boost interest in a video game like this, however, it is expected to release early in 2018.

We got another quick look at South Park The Fractured But Whole video game which now has a release date of Oct 17, 2017.

Transference will come out in Spring 2018 and features VR technology and some type of involvement with actor Elijah Wood.

Skull & Bones was revealed as a multiplayer ship to ship combat game with 5 versus 5 team mode combat. The game will not only feature combat but raids which are critical to your team’s success as whoever ends the match with the most gold wins. Skull & Bones is expected to release in Fall 2018 and the trailer also gave a teaser that supernatural elements may come to the game as well.

Just Dance 2018 will be coming out for both current gen consoles and old consoles like the Nintendo Wii for those who like to sync their dance moves to motion in their living rooms.

A South Park mobile game called Phone Destroyer was revealed during the press conference.

Starlink Battle For Atlas was revealed as a new ‘toys to life’ game which you connect real life ships and figures to your console controller and they use interchangeable parts to affect gameplay.

Steep will be getting an expansion called ‘Road to the Olympics’ coming Dec 5, 2017.

Far Cry 5 takes place in Hope County Montana and features a cult who has taken over the town and cut off roads and access to those trying to get in or get out. We saw new allies like a dog who can assist during melee combat, a co-op sniper, and gameplay of someone helping shoot down your opponents from his airplane.

The Ubisoft Press Conference E3 Expo 2017 closed the show with the reveal and confirmation of Beyond Good & Evil 2 which has been long rumored to be in development and hopefully will someday see the light of day. Beyond Good & Evil seems to take a ‘Fifth Element‘ movie approach to aliens and galactic exploration with crazy and memorable characters.