Seems like we waited a long time for Twisted Metal to come out on the PlayStation 3 but it was worth the wait.  The game is fast, fun and makes an impact right out of the gate.  We’ve only had the game in our hands for a short time but so far have witness enough chaos and fun factor elements to make us not want to put down the PS3 controller.

Pacing, graphics and variety are key components as Sony takes the Twisted Metal franchise into the next generation of gaming.  Twisted Metal always had a style that would please Rob Zombie yet the game is broad enough for all to pick up and play.

Twisted Metal offers 2-4 player split screen, a single player campaign and up to 16 players online.  Probably the most glorified smash up derby car destruction franchise in the last decade and a half – Twisted Metal is a Sony exclusive and worth checking out.

Be warned – this game ain’t for young kids – adult themes are ‘in your face’ with plenty of shock value.  We’ve provided sample gameplay with commentary to see more for yourself what Twisted Metal from David Jaffe and Scott Campbell of Eat Sleep Play have to offer!

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