Transformers is a brand that appeals to both young and old. Many have heard Optimus Prime‘s harrowing speeches or Megatron‘s deadly threats.  While I have never seen the Transformers Prime show, I was able to dive right in and fight robots screw and bolt, heavy metal to heavier metal.

Since this is a new series for one of Hasbro’s flagship franchises, I figured this game would be made with a younger demographic in mind. There is some truth to this as the game is relatively easy, but the surprise inside is that it’s easy to control as well. Granted the controls take some getting used to, but it eventually WORKS. This may be because it controls a bit like Mad World, minus the horrendous dismemberment of course.

Sadly the story is as predictable as it follows the same formula that Transformer’s is known for. Everything’s peaceful, Decepticons cause mischief, and the Autobots come to save the day. Still to catch the exact feel of the show is a commendable feat, and one that will leave many kids satisfied this holiday season.

If you’re looking for difficulty you definitely won’t find it here, but for the youth in your family there’s nothing like a good giant robot fight.  Transformers Prime is available now for numerous Nintendo consoles include the Wii, Wii U, DS and 3DS.  Be sure to check out our sample gameplay of Transformers Prime!

Editor’s Note: The Nintendo Wii U version of Transformers Prime The Game will allow you to use tilt control on the gamepad to control Bumblebee and interface with character upgrades using the touchscreen.

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