Transformers Prime The Game on the Nintendo 3DS (or Nintendo DS) is a quality ‘stocking stuffer’.  The game features full voice acting during cut scenes – something you don’t get on every handheld game and the 3D lends itself well to the look of the game.

Transformers Prime The Game stays in line with the updated animated show featuring familiar faced Autobots up against Decepticons with human friends Jack, Miko and Raf tossed into the mix as well.  The game is easy to play but has lots of advanced controls to master during combat – there are plenty of collectible items to pick up along the way and the ranking system will make you want to go back and try levels over again if you get low grades.

Transformers Prime The Game is built around the handheld experience with ‘quickie’ missions surrounded by transition scenes.  Something we’d love to see is an option on the Nintendo 3DS to change settings so that only transition scenes are in 3D and regular stuff normal as the fighting is too complex to focus on where you need to hold the unit to see the  proper 3D viewing angle.

We’ll have another article review talking about the Nintendo Wii version of the game – the timing for this release is unique in that it was released as a Nintendo exclusive on multiple platforms for the ‘older’ Nintendo DS and ‘newer’ 3DS version as well as the obsolete Nintendo Wii and the upcoming brand new Wii U system.  Transformers Prime The Game should sell decently enough considering it was made for a large audience going into the holiday shopping season.