Fall of Cybertron is the BEST Transformers experience you’ll get this year – that is unless you’re at Universal Studios and jump on the Transformers 3D ride!  Seriously though, High Moon Studios and Activision have done well to craft a fun Transformers game year after year – first with War for Cybertron, then Dark of the Moon and finally Fall of Cybertron.  One can only expect that after the studio wraps up making the upcoming Deadpool game that they will announce an all new Transformers game called ‘Return to Cybertron‘ (or something fancy like that).

Transformers Fall of Cybertron has a dynamic campaign with lots of different Transformers to play and an engaging story that will make both faithful G1 fans happy as well as impress new-comers to the Cybertron lore.  Peter Cullen returns as the voice of Optimus Prime and just about everything he says will ring chills down your cybernetic spine.

Transformers FOC has a demo available and we suggest you check it out to see for yourself.  Some of the things we loved about the game were the improvements in combat and visuals.  The look of the game is just so busy with something happening in about every corner of the screen – you’ll easily find yourself caught up in the landscape.  Combat is pretty smooth and fast (considering we’re talking about giant robots fighting) – being able to switch cameras from left to right shoulder on the fly is a huge plus.

On the downside of Transformers FOC most of the game has that ‘shooting gallery’ feel to it.  Transformers combat doesn’t include blocking, ducking, cover or commanding troops so a good majority of fighting will fall back on the tried and try formula of run, fire, strafe, shoot and repeat.  The game is action packed but something we’ve seen – especially from the previous entries.

We didn’t get much time to try the multiplayer but there is plenty of customizable options in there to keep gamers happy – overall Transformers Fall of Cybertron delivers on the promise of taking things up a notch and will provide a good weekend’s worth of action and fun.

Transformers FOC Demo Preview

Transformers FOC Comic-Con Interview