The Tom and Jerry Show returns to the airways this week Wed April 9, 2014 (5:30 PM ET/PT) on the Cartoon Network.  The original flavor of the show has been revived and the adventures of the cat and mouse are in full form once again.  We had a chance to view the first two segments ‘Spike Gets Skooled‘ and ‘Cats Ruffled Furniture‘ which both ran 11 minutes each – a bit longer then the original show.  Well known actor Jason Alexander voices one of the human characters in the show (in which you never see their heads) and Spike the dog is back as well with his same Jimmy Durante like way of speaking — that’s my boy!

Overall a fun time will be had watching The Tom and Jerry Show — the big question will be will kids today have enough attention span for a longer 11 minute segment for each cartoon or not?  You can find out more by visiting the Cartoon Networks’ website:

The Tom and Jerry Show Trailer–gx0

The Tom and Jerry Show Review