TITANFALL is a first-person-shooter with robots/mechs called Titans and will probably be known as ‘the game that ushered in the next-generation’ for the Xbox One.  While it may be the killer app everyone is waiting for on the Xbox One – the game will also see a release on Windows PC and the Xbox 360.  We had a chance to get our hands on a pre-release version of the game in beta with graphics and tweaks still being modified.  Our time was limited and there were only a couple of maps to play so here is our quick first impressions on Titanfall thus far:


  • Fast, smooth combat either as first-person-shooter and/or being inside a Titan (mech)
  • Mini jets to boost movement – ability to reach windows, ledges and scale walls
  • Being able to run and gun on foot while your Titan helps defend in auto-pilot
  • Being able to step on people while inside a Titan
  • Melee combat and maneuverability while inside the Titans – like being able to punch and dash


  • Smart pistol – a handgun with auto-targeting aim that’s over-powered
  • No destructible environment – especially considering all the giant robots around
  • Getting stepped on by Titans while on foot (even though we like stepping on people)
  • When armed to fire a rocket/missile at a Titan – difficult to switch on the fly to a weapon that can fire at ground units/soldiers.
  • Melee combat is very slow — why go with a foot kick when the elbow is so much faster?

We’ve put together some early beta gameplay for Titanfall – hope you enjoy!  Titanfall will come out on the Xbox One March 11, 2014 and is already receiving tons of praise thus far.  Titanfall beta registration and other information can be found on their website: http://www.titanfall.com