Thief is an upcoming stealth action game from Square Enix coming out for the next generations of consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  At the E3 Expo we checked out a hands-off demo of Thief running live gameplay with developer commentary.  The game has great visuals and atmosphere – definitely a step up from most games out there now.  If you were a fan of Dishonored we think you will enjoy the game as well.

Thief’s hud (heads up display) only contains a small amount of info like ammo, health and mana.  We got to see some of the special abilities like ‘Swoop‘ which allows the protagonist Garrett to move quickly through areas — sort of like Blink from Dishonored.  Garrett’s ‘Focus‘ ability shows objects and people behind walls like an x-ray feature.  Also the ‘Rope Arrow‘ is back and is a great way to get vertical quickly.

Thief had plenty of areas to explore with different options to taking down opposition either with combat or stealth.  The NPC characters in the game all felt like they were living in their own world and independent of your actions by having conversations with other NPC or moving around the environment naturally.

Something we hadn’t already seen was a shift to third-person gameplay perspective in certain areas to mix up the flow of things sort of like watching Kratos in God of War when he was scaling a wall.  There is also some puzzle solving elements and the dreaded lock-picking.  The climbing animation is very believable however some stuff we saw like opening and closing doors could be more refined.

We’re not quite sure what specific ‘next generation’ aspects Thief will bring but overall the game looks fun and something worth checking out.

Thief E3 Official Trailer