Prince Stennis, The Order of the Flaming Rose and Loc Muinne are all things that Xbox 360 owners will soon understand when The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings debuts on Microsoft’s console in 2012.  The Witcher 2 grew a strong and loyal fan-base when it was released last year on the PC – garnering much critical praise.  The Witcher 2 is a single-player experience – part action but mostly RPG with enough story and character to give Skyrim a run for the money.  At first glance it feels like a ‘darker’ version of Dragon Age Origins however Witcher 2 doesn’t offer character creation or multiple character stories – instead you experience the game through Geralt, a brooding but fierce protagonist.

The Xbox 360 release of The Witcher 2 offers an additional 3+ hours of new gameplay and content – arriving in stores on April 17, 2012.  Be sure to check out our interview from The Witcher 2 producer Tomasz Gop, who has already moved on from the company to undertake his own new adventure!

Interview with The Witcher 2 Producer: