Tucked away in a private suit of the Marriott Hotel during San Diego Comic-Con 2011 was the team from Telltale Games sharing some news on their highly anticipated video game ‘The Walking Dead‘.  Jake Rodkin from Telltale Games walked us through some conceptual art for the game.  The Walking Dead came from the hugely popular comic book created by Robert Kirkman who is involved with many of the creative aspects of the video game as well (there’s also a popular TV show behind the license).

We didn’t get to see any gameplay footage of The Walking Dead but Jake told us that the game will be about choice and consequences and will follow new characters Lee Evertt and Clementine.  Telltale was rather secretive of their intentions with the game but they explained to us that the story would unfold over the course of five episodes and that plot points would be revealed along the way much like the telling of a good comic book or TV serial.

Their team hopes that fans of The Walking Dead video game will hinge upon the outcome of each episodic arc as they hope to match the same cliff hanger experience brought upon by the TV show.  Jake revealed that part of the choice and consequence actions of the game will mean that characters who die or leave will not return in later chapters of the story – reinforcing each decision you make in the game.

The Walking Dead video game from Telltale Games is expected to be released (on multiple platforms) later in 2011 with more details being revealed at the NYC Comic-Con in Oct 2011.