The Walking Dead Episode 5 is the finale of Telltale Games’ amazing zombie point-and-click adventure. Episode 5 is aptly sub-titled “No Time Left” as it’s the shortest and most action oriented episode of the series, a sprint to the finish.

Episode 5 is a shock the player’s system. It breaks from the established pattern of a dialogue driven story to let action move things along. The transition is fitting and feels just right given the circumstances you’re faced with. Episode 5 centers around Lee’s frantic search and rescue mission, he must save Clementine before time runs out. Forgoing the traditional discussion and planning Lee opts to take charge and lead the party headlong into the fray. A shift that is exemplified in a scene where Lee wades into the horde chopping and stabbing the undead with a meat cleaver and a shard of glass.

Emotionally moving. Fantastically written. The Walking Dead comes to a heart breaking conclusion, just as we all knew it must.