The Walking Dead Episode 4 picks up the story right after the events of Episode 3. The survivors arrive in Savannah in search of Clementine‘s parents, a boat and hopefully salvation. Things quickly take a turn for the terrible as the Savannah welcome wagon is actually just a crap load of zombies.

It seems that all the good things that we can say about Telltale’s The Walking Dead series have already been said. That will make writing another glowing review a bit of a challenge. In short: Anyone who isn’t playing Telltale’s episodic The Walking Dead game should be.

With a dwindling group of survivors and the addition of some new faces Episode 4 seems like a new starting point in the series. Which is kind of odd so late in the game and because it runs contrary to “growing and developing character relationships” theme that has thus far been central to the game. Then again, the source material rotated characters in and out frequently too. Tight interior environments with a static third person camera gave Episode 4 a cool Resident Evil (original) feel while heart break and shock punctuated the drama.

One interesting item of note: Episode 4 features a short first person perspective segment that had the player shooting at zombies. This time around, unlike a similar sequence in Episode 3, the mechanics did not feel clumsy and sluggish. Instead, the tightly packed group of zombies made for easier targeting in a panicked magazine emptying situation. This is only interesting to note because of the assertion in our Episode 3 review that point and click adventures and FPS gameplay can and should not mix. Sometimes it’s nice to be proven wrong.

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