The Walking Dead Episode 3 picks up the story of Lee, Clementine, and the rest of the small group of survivors shortly after the conclusion of Episode 2. Still living in a motor lodge our small band find themselves besieged by bandits. The situation goes from bad to worse with events unfolding that force them out on the road.

Reviewing an episodic game in pieces is an odd proposition. So much stays the same from episode to episode and it stands to reason that if the first two of this five part game received high marks the third will as well. Of course Episode 3 is good. It further continues the enjoyable experience established with Episode 1 and 2. The high quality artistic style, fantastic narrative, and great dialogue we’ve come to expect return while the persistent relationships forged with the NPCs continue to grow. So there’s the good…

Finally Telltale has given us something to complain about in their thus far outstanding episodic Walking Dead series. You’re tasked with moving the cursor, in typical point and click style, to track moving opponents and the heads of approaching zombies in a short gun battle sequence. They must have missed the memo regarding point and click adventure games and shooters being very different and incompatible ideas. The complaint against The Walking Dead Episode 3 is pretty minor and only pertains to that small portion of the episode and therefore an even smaller part of the game overall. These few minutes of awkward gun play aren’t enough to spoil the whole experience. It’s like a bite of that infernal creation known as “carrot cake” mixed in with your delicious red velvet, one bad bite wont ruin the whole cake. Plus, it’s still cake right?

Without getting into any spoilers it’s safe to say the Episode 3 is both the best and worst episode thus far. Telltale’s dedication to the source material, i.e the tradition of leaving no character no matter how central you think they are safe from a horrible death, is both super good and super awful. This fidelity to Kirkman‘s original work produced not only extremely shocking moments but also a drawn-out incidents that had a 6’4 (not me) 260 lb. (seriously not me) lumberjack of a man (ok it was me) in tears.

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