The Walking Dead Episode 2 picks up three months after the conclusion of episode 1. We find the survivors holed up in a motor lodge on the edge of starvation. Infighting and the sever lack of food threaten to tear them apart. Out of the wilderness come strangers and the promise of hope.

With outstanding writing and story telling The Walking Dead Episode 2 is just as good as we expected it to be. Being a continuation the art style, gameplay and graphical quality are all the same as episode 1, in short they’re all good; Need more detail? Check out the review of The Walking Dead Episode 1. What episode 2 does have over episode 1 is a growing story and continued character development. Getting to know people in a setting that is persistent from episode to episode is a really cool experience, but can be a double edged sword. On one hand its great to get to know these characters and even influence them through your decision making, their feelings toward you expanding or stunting their developments within the story. On the other hand the writing in the game sticks close to the source material (The Walking Dead comic series) and therefore characters you think are important to the story may end up in the belly of the undead, so perhaps staying at arms length is better.

In a horror game you’d expect a certain amount of… horror. The zombies and gore don’t exactly foot the horror bill here; don’t get me wrong they’re gross and will adequately satisfy your blood lust, it’s just not horrifying. The horror comes in the form of morality testing decision. Life and death choices are yours to make, and for better or worse those choices will persist in the long memories or your allies and enemies alike.

The Walking Dead Episode 2 is available now and should be played by all.