The Unspoken is an upcoming Oculus Rift VR game coming later this year (Holiday 2016) from Insomniac Games.  At a recent media event Chad Dezern, Studio Director at Insomniac discussed how the game is a first person view with spell casting dueling against other powerful magicians that require grace and precision.

The Unspoken looks like a perfect movie tie-in to Doctor Strange or a video game crossover to the recently opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  We had a chance to play the game complete with Oculus Rift headset in place and controllers in hand.  The Unspoken will teleport you away to world of magic and fantasy – the virtual environment was quite convincing.

The Unspoken will allow players to cast spells and fight against either human opponents or ones generated from the video game.  Each spell requires hand gestures and movements that you can see played out in front of your view with accompanying sound effects.