The Streamy Awards are here to stay and have made a dent as the premiere voice out of Los Angeles celebrating video on the web and Internet celebrities.  The Award show, now in its second year, is recognized by multiple website giants like Variety, USA Today and Mashables.  Shows that are Streamy Award nominated get a huge boost in popularity and recognition.

COIN-OP TV LIVE was lucky enough to be nominated for a Streamy Award 2010 in the ‘Best Live Production in a Web Series‘ category.  Hosts Robert Welkner and Hailey Bright were in attendance for the ‘Craft Awards’ which took place Wed April 7th, 2010.  The Kevin Pollak show took home the Award for Best Live Production but having COIN-OP TV LIVE nominated alongside such great live shows as The Radnerd Show, Leo Laporte’s TWiT, Ashton Kutcher’s Fantasy Football and The Kevin Pollak Show was enough to celebrate!

See all the winners of the ‘Craft Awards’ (as part of The Streamy Awards 2010) here: