kingofkong_flyer_back.jpgOver the Easter Weekend Gallery Nucleus held an art show opening and dvd signing for The King of Kong – a movie about the top two Donkey Kong World Record holders Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell. This is the second art show exhibit for the brand new location of Gallery Nucleus (Alhambra, CA) and I must say the new spot is a vast improvement! The old location was very cramped and made it difficult to enjoy the show but now everything is spread out enough for free movement and pacing.

In attendance at the event were all the major players in getting The King of Kong movie made which was director Seth Gordon, producer Ed Cunningham, DVD commentary suppliers Chris Carle and Jon Gibson and special guest Scott C. who flew in for the event. Scott provided the inside alternative art cover for the DVD release. This cover features a vast collect of characters and arcade machines all lined up and ready for a good old fashion arcade jamboree.

For those who missed this one-day event you can check out some video coverage from G4 who was there shooting for X-Play and tons of photos from the event on the gallery’s website. In addition to autographs there was a special ‘high score’ Donkey Kong contest going on which yours truly took home the grand prize by posting a high score of 64,800 on the upright machine. The grand prize was an awesome carved statue by local artist James Mr. Dandy (who was featured on COIN-OP TV during the 2006 i am 8-bit art show).